Accredited Test Labs   

University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore

A) Accreditation Details:

Registration Number:                             TL2006/R018   
Accreditation Number:                           TL2007/A006/2
Accredited For:                                     Virus Indexing and Genetic fidelity of tissue culture                                                                raised plants       

B) Contact Details:

Address: University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK,
               Bangalore-560065, Karnataka

Tel:         + 91-80-23330153

C) Brief Profile:

Division of ATL at UAS, GKVK, Bangalore:

(i) Dep. of Plant Pathology:       Accredited for VIRUS INDEXING of tissue culture raised

In-charge:                                 Dr. K.T. Rangaswamy

Designation:                             Professor (Plant Pathology)


(ii) Dep. Of Genetics and Plant:  Accredited for GENETIC FEDILITY of tissue culture raised
     Breeding                               plants

In-charge:                                  Dr. A. Mohan Rao,

Designation:                              Associate Professor


D) Contact Details:

Project Coordinator: Prof. K.T. Rangaswamy

Designation: Professor


Tel:         +91-80-23330153

Mob:       +91-9916063028