National Certification System for Tissue Culture Raised Plants (NCS-TCP)

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About the System

V. Accredited Test Laboratories (ATL)

Test laboratories will be Accredited entities of the public sector, responsible for testing the Tissue Culture material for virus diagnosis and genetic fidelity/ uniformity, for purpose of certification. The Test laboratory will prepare a Test Report based on tests conducted in conformity with the standards/protocols/guidelines. Based on the Test Report, each Accredited Test Laboratories will be authorized to issue the Certificate of Quality for the Tissue Culture Plant (CQ-TCP) and Certification Label on behalf of the Certification Agency. ATLs will be responsible for maintaining all diagnostic kits, primer, probes etc required for routine testing. Each ATL would perform both tests-for virus diagnosis and true-to-type/ genetic uniformity.

VI. Appellate Authority (AA)

An Appellate Authority under the Chairpersonship of Secretary, DBT established to review the decision taken with regard to Accreditation of Test laboratories, Recognition of Tissue Culture production facilities and also for Certification of tissue culture material. The Nodal Officer designated by the Certification Agency will act as Member Secretary. The members represented in the appellate panel will include:

  • Officer in-charge, Accreditation Unit
  • Head, Certification Monitoring Unit
  • Two Co-opted non-officio experts by Chairperson (Virology and Genetic fidelity Testing)

VII. Committee / Panel

  • Apex Commitee
  • Accreditation Panel (AP)
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (PMEC)
  • Technical working committee