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National Certification System for Tissue Culture Plants (NCS-TCP)

NCS-TCP Management Cell (NMC, NIPGR)

NCS-TCP Management Cell (NMC) is responsible for coordination of various components of NCS-TCP, to ensure effective monitoring the implementation programme in country. The Major responsibilities of NMC are as follows:

Recognition of tissue culture production facilities/Accreditation of test laboratories(TL)and their renewal.
Advisory Services and Updation of Guidelines/ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Monitoring of Recognized TCPFs, ATLs and Referral Centres.
Information Management with respect to NCS-TCP.
Providing Certification Labels to ATLs for the further issuance to recognized TCPFs against certified batches of tissue culture raised plants.
Coordination for redressal of grievances.
Organizing awareness programme, training and capacity building of TCPFs in country.
Close interaction with Apex Committee, Project Monitoring and Evaluation Committee(PMEC) and Technical Working Group.
Obtaining feedback from stake holders on NCS-TCP.

Key official of NMC:

Dr. Ashutosh Pandey
PI, NCS-TCP & Scientist
National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR)
Aruna Asraf Ali Mrag, New Delhi - 110067