National Certification System for Tissue Culture Raised Plants (NCS-TCP)

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About the System


Plant Tissue Culture Technology offers great promise for the production of quality planting material on account of disease free and true to type/ genetically uniform plants produced through micropropagation techniques. The need for a certification programme for the tissue culture plants is imperative since inadvertent micropropagation of virus infected plants will not only result in its poor performance, but also in undesirable spread of viruses wherever such plants are grown. Also, failure to use prescribed standard protocols will result in variations in the plants produced. The most deleterious variants in tissue culture raised plants are those that effect yield, genetic fidelity/ uniformity and carry infection of viruses, and other fastidious pathogens, which are difficult to diagnose. This is an area of great concern, accordingly a well-structured system has been put in place to provide support to the tissue culture industry for the commercialization of tested virus free and high quality planting material.

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